LEGO� DC Mighty Micros

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Описание на LEGO� DC Mighty Micros

Join your favourite DC characters in this fun LEGO adventure.

LEGO® DC Mighty Micros is the perfect game for those who love both the LEGO and DC worlds, as it combines all your favourite super heroes and villains in a LEGO world. Created specially for children with ages between 5 and 12, this game is incredibly fun and will definitely provide you with an amazing gaming experience.

Get ready to start chasing and racing through the streets as you impersonate one of your favourite DC comics character and have fun while doing so. As a super hero, you are expected to catch the villains and save the city from any arm. If, on the other hand, you prefer to play as a villain, try to escape the city before someone catches you doing something you probably shouldn't be doing.

LEGO® DC Mighty Micros allows you to experience thrilling stunts and collect studs which will unlock new characters as you progress in the game as well as discover new environments and stories so you won’t get bored of playing the same game every time.

There are several features that make LEGO® DC Mighty Micros one of the best apps out there. You can play as a hero or as a villain, so every time your challenges and missions will be different and you can pick between several DC comic characters. Also, you can upgrade or build your own secret lair and missions.

LEGO® DC Mighty Micros is entirely free to play and there are no in-app purchases, so it’s totally safe and fun to play!

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APK версия 1.7.1418
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Разработчик LEGO System A/S
Политика за поверителност http://aboutus.lego.com/legal-notice/privacy-policy

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